Four Seasons Private Residences, Anguilla

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Four Seasons Private Residences Anguilla

A home at Four Seasons Resort and Private Residences Anguilla makes the Caribbean’s most exclusive and welcoming island your own. Owners belong to the exciting Four Seasons family worldwide, live in boldly beautiful Kelly Wearstler-designed environments, and feel at home in a friendly island community unique in the Caribbean.

Spacious and spectacular Villa Residences on beautiful Barnes Bay. Stylish Point House Residences at the heart of the resort. Friends- and family-friendly Beach Residences on mile-long Meads Bay. There’s a Four Seasons Private Residence for you.


The comfortably spectacular villas fringing Barnes Bay are spacious, beautiful homes where family and friends live in spectacular style. Located down a winding cart path, the one- and two-story Villa Residences offer a private sandy beach – with rock outcroppings where children will swim and snorkel all day long – along with a beach bar you can call your own.

4 and 5 bedrooms
5,758 sq. ft. to 9,500 sq. ft.


From the stylish condominiums at the centre of the resort, every pleasure is immediately at hand: Sunset Pool and Aleta Pool, Sunset Lounge and fine dining at Cobá. This is the magnetic heart of Four Seasons Resort and Private Residences Anguilla, and its rhythm is both lively and relaxed. Point House Residences offer the ideal balance of social and secluded.

1 and 2 bedrooms
1,375 sq. ft. to 2,220 sq. ft.


The Beach Residences bring together spacious homes and private pools with the baby-soft sand of mile-long Meads Bay. It’s an ever-ready, family-friendly playground with opportunities for fun fashioned for everyone from children to grandparents. Volleyball and snorkeling, basketball and kayaks; every adventure is at home.

1-3 bedrooms
870 sq. ft. to 6,484 sq. ft.

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Zemi Beach House Residences, Anguilla

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